Stunting Classes

We offer a variety of stunt classes, where athletes will be honing in on their stunting roles through drills, exercises and with actual stunting.


Training to become a Top takes more than just being lifted by a stung group, so we’ve created a specialized program for athletes who want to be the best top for themselves and their team.

In this redesigned program, we’ve used all of our best exercises and floor drills to get tops to work their balance, strength, flexibility, performance and coordination.

We offer 2 types of classes for this program: Virtual or In-gym, both of which will follow similar plans to get our tops to their personal goals.

Best results are shown when athletes work on their positions at least twice a week, so we have added in exclusive weekly challenges where participants get the chance to try something new and show off their progress.


Our 30-minute Stunt Sessions are ideal for tops who want to get some extra flying time to perfect skills in their All-Star routines, and who want to try new ones too!

With the help of some of our Worlds athletes, these Tops will work with experienced bases to safely improve specific stunting skills.

We’ve seen stellar improvements from athletes who take both these stunt sessions and our Top Training Program!


Our 30 minute coed style Basing & Backspotting class, is ideal for athletes level 2+ wanting to improve their stunting skills.

A portion of the class will be spent on fundamental basing technique using equipment, while the rest of the time will be to train higher leveled stunts with flyer(s) from our All-Star program.