Control the Controllables and focus on the right things!

YOU can't control if you hit a routine... it requires a team to do that. YOU can't control if you win a competition... you don't know what your competitors are going to do or how the judges will score a routine. YOU can't control if you earn a bid... that is all dependent on other team's score and results. 

So, why do you spend so much time focused on things that you can't do?

Instead, try to focus on the things that are in your control. Focus on your counts, executing your skills, doing your job in a routine. You should work to make the choreography, the spacing, the air positions, and your technique as clean and precise as possible. You should work on being present and positive and controlling your emotions and how you respond to challenges and adversity. Celebrate the small victories, hype up those around you, and embrace the work and the effort you put into each practice.

You should avoid things like comparison to others, negativity, unrealistic expectations or, attaching the measure of success to things that are out of your control. You should not get involved in gossip or rumours or anything that distracts from the job you are trying to do. 

The path to your goals is a long and twisty road. You don't always control the terrain or the obstacles along the way. Looking down the road instead of putting your focus on where you are, will only make the road harder. All you can do is focus on your job, your journey, and the role you play on your team. You can put your head down and keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Control the things you can control and let all the rest fall to the wayside.