The Champion Mindset

 - adapted from Coach Greg Berge


1. Get to or Have to? Do you GET to wake up at 6AM for that workout, or do you HAVE to? Do you GET to go to practice, or do you HAVE to? Winners GET to.

2. On-Time or Early? You have a choice every day. Do you respect your teammates, your coaches are your own training time?

3. Energy Giver or Energy Vampire? Energy is contagious - make it positive. Negative energy will destroy a team's culture. Positive energy can win a championship. Bring Positive Energy to your team.

4. Me or We? Team sports are about sacrifice. Sacrificing your own self-interests for the betterment of the team. Winning teams are "we" first.

5. Negative Thought or Self-Talk? The mind is powerful. Negative thoughts creep in. Elite athletes master "the secret". Just because you have a negative thought does not mean you have to believe it. Learn to TALK to yourself instead of listening to yourself.

6. Hesitation or Confidence? You've earned the right to be proud and confident. Master your mind - pressure is man-made. Don't hesitate. Earn your confidence - be confident in your abilities.

7. Think or Believe? Do you think you can win? Or, do you believe you can win? There's a difference. Believe.

8. Bitter or Better? Adversity will happen to you. Your response is critical. Will you be bitter, or will you get better? The great ones use adversity as a springboard to growth.