We've Changed Our Minds!

We’ve changed our mind.


When Non-Tumbling divisions were first introduced, we weren’t overly enthusiastic about them - not gonna lie. We believed that tumbling was an integral part of cheerleading and that anybody could learn to tumble. And, for many, this remains true. 


The level system that cheerleading has instituted is a god-send in terms of progressive development for athletes: from Novice to All-Star Prep to All Star. Levels 1 through 7, cheerleading does a great job of building foundational skills in tumbling, jumps and stunts. You could spend your entire youth working your way through the levels and many do. Starting young, taking tumbling classes and progressing up the ladder.


Sounds simple right?


But it’s not, and for some, it can become the reason they say goodbye to the sport they love.


For many athletes an injury, or a mental-block, or simply starting later in their youth means that they don’t tumble - or don’t tumble at the level they are capable of stunting  - and that can mean they don’t make a team that challenges them stunt-wise. Sometimes that means athletes turn-off, get frustrated or walk away from the sport they love. 


And that is where Non-Tumbling teams enter the picture.


At PCT we are committed to developing this path for athletes. We look at Non-Tumbling as a means to help athletes ages 14 and up progress their stunt skills and stay in the sport they love.

We’re gonna encourage NT as a crossover open for athletes that continue to tumble but also want to push their stunt skills as well. 

We’re gonna encourage those 14, 15 and 16 year olds that went into High School hoping to join their cheerleading team only to find out there isn’t one. If you want to cheer PCT is for you. 

And we are going to welcome, with open arms, those athletes that thought that they were done because they just can’t seem to master a back handspring, or back tuck, but KNOW they can do a liberty. 


When a division can help make our gym, and this sport, more inclusive, and help keep athletes doing what they love….well, who wouldn’t change their mind?


And…if we’re being selfish….our IO6 team “Rebellion” and our IOLC7 Team “Legendary” are freaking awesome... so a program that helps to feed these Worlds teams only makes sense. Right?


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